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Print printer Masashi Ozaki


Masashi Ozaki

Masashi Ozaki

Print printer 

  • Born in 1950, from Sapporo City

  • 1975 Established Print House O.M.

  • Served as a special technical advisor for Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., a part-time artist lecturer at Iwate University, and a lecturer at the Setagaya Art Museum.

Masashi Ozaki in the early 1970s was sent to Paris for training as an artist overseas trainee dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. For the next four years, he spent four months each year in a workshop in Paris, where he worked on works by leading European painters such as Miro, Tapies, and Kiyoshi Hasegawa.
Ozaki, who has been involved in printmaking for over 50 years, provides valuable advice and assistance to workshop members. We also work closely with non-member artists on the production of prints and the printing of numerous editions.


His many years of print production with artist Tatsuo Takayama, a giant of Japanese painting, and artist Mitsuto Toneyama, a master of oil painting, are now legendary in the art world.

In 2009, Ozaki was awarded "Yokohama-Meister" from Yokohama City.

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