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Made to order

Our studio is capable of producing all types of prints, including artist lithographs, copperplate engravings, giclées, and silkscreens.
The experience of being deeply involved in the production of prints by famous domestic and international artists is utilized throughout.

Collaboration with painters for the purpose of print expression is a major feature of Masashi Ozaki Print Studio.

One of our representative works is the production of prints by artist Tatsuo Takayama, a giant of Japanese painting, and artist Mitsuto Toneyama, a master of oil painting.

The artist and printer Ozaki have been working together for more than 30 years, starting with the production of the copperplate engraving collection "Holy Family" (1976) by artist Tatsuo Takayama, and ending with the lithograph engraving "Gen no Gen" (2006) in his final years at the age of 93. continued.

In addition, the production of prints with artist Mitsuto Toneyama continued for 14 years until the artist's sudden death. The artist called Print House OM (currently Masashi Ozaki Print Studio) ``my atelier,'' and worked tirelessly to produce prints in parallel with the production of oil paintings and murals. It was here that a total of approximately 600 lithographs and copperplate engravings were produced.

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