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Printmaking membership system/workshop equipment

Production Membership System

the membership system

dry point

Workshop Equipment

about the atelier

press machine

Printmaking Course

short HANGA course

lithography workshop

Production membership system

dry point
lithography work

Instructions for using the workshop facilities

*This is a print studio run by print printer Masashi Ozaki.

*For studio users, the printer Ozaki will provide direct production assistance.


About the membership system

*Operating hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
*All reservations are required, so please make reservations at least one day in advance.


○ Core members (limited to 20 people, currently 4 vacancies available)

Enrollment fee: 10,000 yen

Membership fee: 165,000 yen (valid for 1 year)

*Can be used up to 50 times per year

*Free exclusive use of map case (A0 size) and toolbox
*Priority reservation for printing machines

*When requesting printing from the printer Ozaki, you can use the special printing fee for members.


●General membership

Enrollment fee: 10,000 yen

Usage fee: All day (10:00-18:00) usage fee

   Cash payment on the day: 4,500 yen + consumption tax 450 yen = 4,950 yen


*Coupon tickets (11 sessions: 49,500 yen) are also available.

*Since it is signed, it cannot be used by anyone other than the person in question.

*Valid for 6 months

Tickets that are more than 6 months old from the date of purchase will become invalid and cannot be used.
*Map case and tool box are not provided.


workshop equipment

●Lithograph lithograph

No.1 980mm × 740mm

No.2 1100mm × 850mm

No.3 1850mm × 1000mm



A 1700mm x 800mm

B 1200mm x 600mm

C 1300mm x 700mm



lithography roller

Width 270mm, Width 300mm

​Other equipment available

lithographic press machine
copperplate printing press machine
Equipment in the workshop

Printmaking course

lithography workshop
lithograph stone

Based on the vast experience and knowledge that Mr. Ozaki, a printer, has cultivated in the print production field and the art world, we will carefully guide each student's creativity. Even beginners can take this course if they are interested in printmaking and art.
This is a small school where you can not only make prints, but also learn about the background and knowledge of tools and art history through printmaking.

1 [Lithograph painting course]
*Please apply for 2 or more people.


We begin by polishing a slate stone weighing about 20 kg using several types of abrasives.
We will also teach you the nuances of drawing techniques. After that, I learned the actual printing process through plate-making work.


●General fee (approximately 6 hours per session)

 8-course course 
 44,000 yen + lithograph stone usage fee (1 piece for each person) 10,000 yen + consumption tax 10% = 59,400 yen

*Includes material costs for stone sharpening, drawing, and printing
*Please prepare paper for your work (also available for sale at the workshop)


2 [Copper printmaking course]
*Please apply for 3 or more people.


Beginner: 3 course (6 hours x 3 = approximately 18 hours) 22,000 yen (tax included)

Copper plate, paper, ink fee, facility usage fee included

3 [Lithograph course]
*Please apply for 3 or more people.


Beginner: 3 course (6 hours x 3 = approximately 18 hours) 22,000 yen (tax included)

Aluminum plate, paper, ink fee, facility usage fee included











We also offer one-on-one and custom-made printmaking courses for intermediate and above levels.

Please feel free to contact us.



We operate this studio with the hope of being a workshop where people who are serious about making prints can gather.

Detail is Masashi Ozaki Print Studio 045-716-6647 Please contact us.

Lithography workshop
Arrange the slate stones
Lithography workshop sharpening


Tel:045-716-6647 (international call: +81-45-716-6647)



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